Lehigh Valley Relocation Guide Provides Introductory Overview of the Region

By Colin McEvoy on August 19, 2019

Sample pages from the newly-released Lehigh Valley Relocation Guide.

When John Davis was first offered a position at PPL, he was living in San Antonio and didn’t know anything about Lehigh Valley. When he searched for information about it on the Internet, he had trouble getting a clear picture of what the region was all about.

It wasn’t until he visited with his wife that realized how special the place was. “That opened our eyes,” said John Davis, who accepted the job as Director CS Communications & Relationship Management for PPL.

This example illustrates the need for the newly-released Lehigh Valley Relocation Guide, an eight-page booklet now available for newcomers to the region or those who are curious to learn more about what makes Lehigh Valley such a special place.

The cover of the Lehigh Valley Relocation Guide Cover.

The Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) and Discover Lehigh Valley have partnered on the creation and release of the guide, which provides an overview of everything you need to know to visit, work, live, learn, and play here.

“We want to attract talent to the region, and part of means giving them the information they need to understand why the Lehigh Valley is a great place for them to live and make a life for themselves and their families,” said Matthew Tuerk, LVEDC Vice President of Economic Development & Marketing.

Alicia Quinn, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances with Discover Lehigh Valley, added: “Marketing Lehigh Valley’s natural beauty and cultural assets is part of the appeal for those considering a relocation to the area. It’s the quality of life component that supports our talent recruitment, and we couldn’t be more proud to work with LVEDC and provide a piece that stories living, working, learning, and visiting this great region.”

A digital version of the relocation guide can be found here, and hard copies can be made available upon request at the LVEDC office. For more information, contact Michael Keller, LVEDC Director of Marketing, at [email protected].

The guide provides an overview of economic data from the Lehigh Valley, including the region’s $40.1 billion GDP, its largest employers, average wages for key occupations, millennial population growth, housing costs, and the region’s world-class health care systems.

It also provides information about Lehigh Valley’s many quality-of-life assets, from the Easton Farmers’ Market to Historic Moravian Bethlehem, from Musikfest to Lehigh Valley Phantoms, from the outdoor recreation scene to the region’s many excellent colleges and universities.

“Move here, live here, work here, play here,” the guide reads. “If there was ever a place to put down some roots or lift your spirits in the most unexpected ways, this is it. Welcome to Lehigh Valley.”

The relocation guide was created in direct response to a business recruitment effort, and also stems from the collaboration between LVEDC and Discover Lehigh Valley as part of the Made Possible in Lehigh Valley initiative.

Made Possible seeks to share the perspectives of the people and companies in our region and let them explain why Lehigh Valley is a special place where you can create a life, a business, or a career, on your terms. A two-minute video about the initiative was recently nominated for an Emmy Award.

LVEDC is currently in the process of gathering testimonials to highlight via Made Possible in Lehigh Valley. The organization also hosted a Made Possible networking event for young professionals earlier this month, and it highlights the best posts from the Made Possible Instagram account each month.

Keller said the Made Possible in Lehigh Valley website is currently being revamped, and the newly-released relocation guide will inform the redesign. The website will become, among other things, a digital resource for newcomers to the region, with links directly to community resources outlined in the relocation guide, he said.

The guide was also designed for use as a recruitment tool for employers in the region, Tuerk said, and will be distributed to colleges and universities in the Lehigh Valley for distribution at major events for returning and new students and their parents. Lafayette College and Penn State Lehigh Valley have already been provided the guide, and others in the works.

Additionally, the reports have been distributed to local hotels for event packaging, according to Kaitie Burger, Content & Communications Manager with Discover Lehigh Valley.

LVEDC’s Made Possible in Lehigh Valley Video Nominated for Emmy Award

Five months ago, the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) kicked off its new Made Possible in Lehigh Valley initiative by unveiling a video highlighting the [...]

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