LVEDC’s Made Possible in Lehigh Valley Video Nominated for Emmy Award

By Colin McEvoy on August 15, 2019

Five months ago, the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) kicked off its new Made Possible in Lehigh Valley initiative by unveiling a video highlighting the region as a home to those with great vision; a place committed to excellence, where anything is possible.

As Made Possible in Lehigh Valley continues to gain steam and increase outside awareness of the Lehigh Valley, that video has now been nominated for an Emmy Award.

The two-minute video, commissioned by LVEDC and created by Firerock Productions, received an Emmy nomination for Best Commercial (Single Spot) in the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

“We’re pleased that this video continues to generate such widespread attention, because it truly embodies what Made Possible in Lehigh Valley is all about,” said LVEDC President & CEO Don Cunningham.

“Today’s business leaders and decision-makers are telling us they will come to where the talent is, or where they can recruit in competition with other markets,” Cunningham said. “That means that we need to tell a story of place: of our people, our cities, our communities, and our quality of life. Our story. This video does just that.”

The video can be viewed on the LVEDC YouTube channel, and we encourage everyone to share it or embed it on your own websites and social media accounts. Be sure to also follow the Made Possible in Lehigh Valley Instagram account.

The Emmy nominations were announced on August 12, marking the second time LVEDC has been nominated for an Emmy Award. A 2014 LVEDC video entitled “The Opportunity is Yours” was also nominated in the same category.

Firerock Productions was nominated for four total Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards this year, according to Rocky Urich, partner, director of photography, and editor with Firerock Productions.

“When we set out to make a soul-stirring hype video for our home town, we began with the idea that we are nobody’s little sibling, and we can absolutely compete on a national and international stage,” Urich said. “We know LVEDC works hard to spread that message, and earning a Mid-Atlantic Emmy nomination together with them is evidence that we are all here to let the world know what’s made possible in Lehigh Valley.”

The Made Possible video, which debuted at the 2019 LVEDC Annual Meeting on March 19, conveys both the history and deep roots of Lehigh Valley, as well as the thoughtful progress and forward-thinking evolution of the region. As the video says: “We don’t just innovate; we elevate.”

It’s all part of the larger Made Possible in Lehigh Valley initiative, which seeks to share the perspectives of the people and companies in our region and let them explain why Lehigh Valley is a special place where you can create a life, a business, or a career, on your terms.

LVEDC is currently in the process of gathering testimonials to highlight via Made Possible in Lehigh Valley. The organization also hosted a Made Possible networking event for young professionals earlier this month, and it highlights the best posts from the Made Possible Instagram account each month.

“By sharing our stories, we will showcase a positive image of our region, attract people and employers, and let everyone know this is a community rich with opportunity and driven by hard work, resourcefulness, and reinvention,” said Matthew Tuerk, LVEDC Vice President of Economic Development and Marketing.

The Emmy nomination specifically went to Cunningham and Michael Keller, LVEDC Director of Marketing, as well as Julia Urich (producer/director), Rocky Urich (editor) and Jill Yapsuga (writer) from the Firerock Productions team.

This is not the first time LVEDC been recognized for its video content. The organization previously won a Silver Award from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), the world’s largest and most prestigious organization serving economic developers, for its video highlighting the Lehigh Valley manufacturing sector.

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