Volume 2 of 2014 Redevelopment Priorities Now Available

By LVEDC Staff on June 24, 2014

From its start in 1995, Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation has been committed to building a culture of regionalism to accomplish a greater good. An aspect of that commitment manifests itself in promoting regional capital projects.

PrioritiesListing the top priorities for redevelopment is a process designed to attract economic development funding to Lehigh Valley – and it’s accomplished with an “all hands on deck” approach. Regional groups and governments cobble together those priority projects they can support with a single Lehigh Valley voice.

LVEDC assists this process by listening to the wants and needs – and then compiling them in an attractive format for public consumption.

The hot-off-the-presses second edition of Lehigh Valley Redevelopment Priorities is available here at LVEDC headquarters. It came together after economic development directors of Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton met with LVEDC and Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley delegation of legislators to identify a short list of top-flight projects.

“Meeting every quarter allows Lehigh Valley communities to regularly update the project list over the course of the year,” said Don Cunningham, LVEDC president and CEO. “I think that allows us greater versatility to meet the changing needs of those areas.”

Here is the list of the projects for the Second Quarter of 2014.

Project                                                                                                 Location

Adelaide Mill Redevelopment                                                           Allentown

Allentown Metal Works                                                                     Allentown

Incinerator Site                                                                                   Allentown

City Revitalization and Improvement Zone                                 Bethlehem

CRIZ Highlights: Bethworks                                                           Bethlehem

Simon Silk Mill Redevelopment Project                                       Easton

Black Diamond Mill Redevelopment                                            Easton

Easton City Hall & Business Center                                              Easton

F.L. Smidth                                                                                        Lehigh County

Lehigh Valley Dairy                                                                         Lehigh County

Green Knights Industrial Park II                                                  Northampton County

FedEx Ground Proposed Transportation Hub                          Northampton County

The proposals showcase the Lehigh Valley’s great economic potential and present the proposals in the best possible manner. This united effort has paid handsome dividends as several dozen projects have been fully funded.

For more information or to get a copy of the priorities publication, please contact Mike Keller at (610) 266-2217 or

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