Palram Americas: Creating solutions

By LVEDC Staff on December 4, 2012

A successful company never forgets where their bread is buttered.

Palram Industries knows to listen to their customers to help guide their decisions and over the years that practice authored Palram’s greatest triumphs.

“We strive to be extremely agile in response to our customers’ needs through a diverse range of products delivered via world class customer service,” said Michael Howser, General Manager.

Talk about a vision statement.

Palram Americas is a LVEDC investor for the most logical of reasons: It makes sense.

“The Lehigh Valley is a great place to do business and LVEDC drives that,” he explained.

An Americas success story

One way to become successful is to move an idea into the asset column. Take an innovative idea, and put it into production where you become the leader and your competition first marvels at your ingenuity and then tries to catch up.

More than 45 years ago Palram did just that. As the leading global manufacturer of semi-finished extruded thermoplastic sheets and finished products, Palram met an emerging need and slowly, but surely, cornered the market, becoming the brand name in the industry.

“Our success did not happen overnight,” Howser said. “Palram is deeply committed to continuing learning, understanding and foreseeing the changing needs and demands of its customers.”

Talk is cheap. Actions king.  And Palram is crowned with providing its worldwide customers with creative, flexible, unique and competitive solutions.

“We stand out from the competition in a very direct way,’ Howser explained. “We invest in human resources. This is an open company. We welcome thoughts from all employees how to make us better. This creates a winning culture and provides intangible assets behind the Palram name.”

A premier global company such as Palram Industries could have opened their operations for the Americas anywhere on those continents. They selected the Arcadia West Industrial Park in Weisenberg Township.  Here’s why:

“The Lehigh Valley has a great infrastructure, access to New York and Philadelphia within 90 minutes, not to mention a great logistical location for our warehouse,” Howser said.

Representing the Canadian, Central and South American and United States markets, Palram Americas operates three subsidiaries, polycarbonate and PVC plants and a distribution center at the locale. Palram Americas Inc., the distribution subsidiary, markets Palram’s products throughout the Americas and operates six warehouses across the area.

“Our company’s corrugated products are the tops in the U.S. DIY market,” said

Palram Industries produces one of the widest ranges of thermoplastic sheets from polycarbonate, PVC and other materials offered worldwide.

–          The Suntuf corrugated polycarbonate sheet is called the “ultimate in performance and durability.” Offering a high light transmission, strength and wide service temperature range, professionals love Suntuf for industrial structural roofing and siding, while residential homeowners give it the thumbs up for a multitude of DIY projects. “It has a better UV protection than most sunscreens and is impact resistant, making it virtually unbreakable,” said Howser.

–          The Sunlite multiwall polycarbonate sheet is stronger than some bodybuilders. It combines the strength of polycarbonate with superior insulation. The combination is deadlier than a Manny Pacquiao assault to the head.  It yields a strong, insulating and lightweight sheet for varied roofing, cladding and glazing applications. And better still, some of the products in the Sunlite line feature special solar properties designed to reflect certain wavelengths of solar energy, helping to minimize heat gain.

–          The Ag-Tuf Corrugated PVC Liner Panel allows efficient cladding of structures with many benefits for all types of agricultural professionals. From hog barns to dairy sheds and poultry houses, this is the product line that holds up where others fold. Ag-Tuf’s resistance to chemicals allows for frequent cleaning and sanitary maintenance, as well as extended service in harsh environments. The best part is it’s easy to install and maintain with the tools in your tool box.

–          The Palsun Flat Solid Polycarbonate Sheet presents the transparency of glass at less than half the weight, combined with unmatched strength. The good news is Palsun can also be cold bent, fabricated and formed, making it ideal for applications such as barrel vault roofing, roof skylight, architectural roofing and glazing. Clear, translucent or opaque, Palsan sheets are perfect as machine guard, sound barriers and safety glazing.

“This is just a snapshot of our product line, but it shows the range and quality of our products,” Howser said.

And that snapshot looks good.

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