Online Marketing: How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

By LVEDC Staff on June 25, 2013

The widespread accessibility and popularity of online media has changed the way marketing is approached. Online marketing offers the opportunity for businesses to only pay to connect with an audience that is interested in purchasing their products or services at the least cost per click. In addition, a solid online marketing strategy will promote organic growth in the online marketplace as well as drive online and local sales. Effective online marketing can build your brand, increase visibility, boost ROI, and promote positive public perception.

The new frontier of SEO

SEO has evolved from spending money on personnel to hide keywords in HTML code and attempt to exchange referrals (i.e. links to and from a designated site). Different types of SEO can more effectively boost ROI by utilizing different types of online media and refining a meaningful data collection process to change strategies for optimum efficacy.

 Video SEO

Many people do not recognize the prevalence and power that online video has.  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and YouTube is also owned by Google.  It is estimated that 10 years of video are uploaded onto YouTube every day.   Online video provides the perfect platform to achieve top organic search listings.  In short, video SEO (VSEO) is the process of ensuring that online video generates the highest possible volume of quality web traffic.  When executed properly, online video is one of the fastest ways to boost rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook search engines.

Video can be used in conjunction with other proven methods of increasing visibility and boosting rankings.  For example, shared videos on social media platforms can increase citation building and brand advocacy.  Online video is quickly becoming a top method to organically gain online marketing momentum.  After launching a VSEO campaign, videos can easily be liked and shared to boost rankings and sales organically.  In addition, video gives business owners the opportunity to more effectively collect and analyze meaningful data on user behavior to improve overall campaigns.

YouTube also offers a unique take on PPC by offering True View.  Rather than paying each time a potential customer clicks on an advertisement, businesses pay each time potential customers choses to watch their videos.

Local SEO

Google is increasingly relying on input from real people rather than assumptions made from limited data sources.  Local SEO is increasingly popular due to the widespread popularity of mobile search and capabilities associated with efficient and affordable mobile devices.  Connecting with local customers can give businesses another chance to drive ROI by converting more paid marketing efforts into a strong organic online marketing presence.  Local business listing services can promote brand advocacy and further citation building on social media websites for local businesses.

PPC campaigns

When embarking on a new online marketing campaign, utilizing PPC advertisements can be an effective way to reach out to an otherwise untapped audience while gathering necessary data to continually improve the organic aspects of a brand’s online marketing presence and maximize ROI.  A comprehensive online marketing campaign is often based on continual data collection and reassessment.  More important, effective PPC management can provide meaningful demographic and user data daily.

Quick pros and cons of PPC

Effective PPC gives businesses the chance to only pay to connect with an interested audience at the least cost per click.  Also, retargeting ads can help collect meaningful data to enhance any online marketing strategy. One primary con of effective PPC advertising is necessary, daily monitoring of ads and data analysis to truly get the most ROI.  Cost can skyrocket if not monitored correctly.

How to maximize ROI and lower the cost of future customer acquisition

Any effective online marketing campaign will likely have to change as often as pertinent online trends in SEO, social media, and PPC advertising do.  To truly maximize ROI and drive revenue, an online marketing strategy needs to take a comprehensive approach by combining different online marketing channels to promote organic growth and online visibility.

Edward R. Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A. is a LVEDC investor and president of IdeaOverTen, LLC, a search engine optimization and internet marketing firm located in Allentown.

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