LVEDC Releases New ‘Lehigh Valley Hot Careers’ Guide

By Colin McEvoy on December 26, 2019

The Lehigh Valley’s continued economic success depends upon having a workforce with the skills and attributes employers value in a rapidly-changing world.

The cover of the Lehigh Valley Hot Careers guide.

That’s why the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC), in collaboration with education and business partners in the region, have released a new guide for schools, students, prospective employees, and the community highlighting opportunities in Lehigh Valley’s most in-demand careers.

“Students throughout their educational journey need to understand what jobs are available to them in the region where they live,” said Karianne Gelinas, LVEDC Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Research.

“Previously it was challenging for educators and students alike to access that information in a succinct, effective, and engaging way,” Gelinas said. “This guide allows them to do that, while also providing information for people from outside the area who might be considering the Lehigh Valley and want information about high-demand careers in the region.”

The newly-released Lehigh Valley Hot Careers guide highlights in-demand occupations, wage ranges, education level requirements, and other information about a wide range of careers in the Lehigh Valley.

The guide can be downloaded here, and hard copies can be made available upon request. Additional information about each of the careers highlighted in the guide can be found at

The 12-page guides are being distributed to school districts and educational centers across the region for distribution among administrators, guidance counselors, families, and K-12 and postsecondary students who might be considering where to start their future careers.

The Lehigh Valley Hot Careers guide is one of the latest efforts of the LVEDC Education and Talent Supply Council, a partnership of Lehigh Valley educational institutions, major employers, and economic development and workforce agencies.

The council is focused on creating and executing regional strategies that help Lehigh Valley maintain a competitive workforce and talent supply. Its efforts in 2019 have focused on such areas as attracting and retaining talent, career pathways, employability skills, talent research, and internships, apprenticeships, and mentorships. The guide includes easily readable tables and illustrations, providing a clear visual representation of career opportunities and provide a basis for meaningful career exploration based on individual interests.

The occupations listed in the guide are among the most commonly-sought by Lehigh Valley employers, based on LVEDC research of job postings for the 12-month period ending in June 2019, according to George Lewis, LVEDC Director of Research & Analysis.

They include advanced manufacturing; architecture and construction; business services, education & training; government, law & public safety; health care; hospitality & tourism; and transportation, distribution & logistics.

The guide also includes information about Lehigh Valley workforce demographics, including the region’s total workforce (355,200), a population breakdown by age group, employment figures by industry, and the fact that 26,000 new jobs have been added in the region in the last five years.

Last month, the LVEDC Education and Talent Supply Council identified its top priorities for 2020, which include developing an understanding of regional high school talent trajectories. This will enable LVEDC to identify trends in college enrollment, majors, and final graduation institution.

“We expect to use this information for targeted marketing, to tell these kids we have jobs for them in these fields here in the Lehigh Valley, and to recruit graduates who have left and encourage them to come back,” Gelinas said.

Other 2020 priorities will include conducting a survey of alumni of Lehigh Valley colleges and universities, producing an updated Lehigh Valley Education and Talent Supply Study, conducting a survey to increase understanding of the regional workforce’s perceptions and priorities on housing.

The Lehigh Valley Hot Careers guide was designed by Michelle Chrin, which tables and other illustrations designed by Niche.

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