LVEDC Releases New Edition of ‘Lehigh Valley Hot Careers Guide’

By Colin McEvoy on January 19, 2021

Sample pages from the Lehigh Valley Hot Careers Guide.

The COVID-19 crisis has done nothing to change the fact that Lehigh Valley’s continued economic success depends on a workforce with the education and skills that employers value in a rapidly changing world. In fact, the pandemic has only underscored that principle as demand for talent changes and companies reposition themselves for the recovery.

That’s why the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) has released the new Lehigh Valley Hot Careers Guide. Developed in collaboration with education and business partners from throughout the region, it covers essential information from major job sectors in the Lehigh Valley economy.

The guide can be downloaded here. Additional information about each of the careers highlighted in the guide can be found at

“This guide will provide schools, students, prospective employees, and the community with crucial information about opportunities in Lehigh Valley’s most in-demand careers,” said Karianne Gelinas, Vice President of Business Development and Talent Supply.

“In the past, it was challenging for educators and students to access this kind of information from the place they live in a succinct, effective, and engaging way,” Gelinas said. “This guide allows them to do that, while also providing information for people from outside the area who might be considering the Lehigh Valley and want information about high-demand careers in the region.”

The cover of the new Lehigh Valley Hot Careers Guide.

The 12-page guide provides a clear visual representation of career opportunities and provides a basis for meaningful career exploration based on individual interests. The occupations listed are among the most commonly sought by Lehigh Valley employers.

These occupations are represented in Lehigh Valley’s largest industry sectors including include advanced manufacturing; architecture & construction; business services; education and training; government, law & public safety; health care; hospitality & tourism; and transportation, distribution & logistics.

They were chosen based on LVEDC research of job postings for the 12-month period ending in June 2020, a time period that includes the first four months of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Nicole Radzievich Mertz, LVEDC Director of Market Research and Communications.

The Lehigh Valley Hot Careers Guide is one of the latest efforts of the LVEDC Education and Talent Supply Council, a partnership of Lehigh Valley educational institutions, major employers, and economic development and workforce agencies.

The council is focused on creating and executing regional strategies that help Lehigh Valley maintain a competitive workforce and talent supply. LVEDC is a leader in assessing the region’s talent market and strengthening the talent pipeline for in-demand jobs.

The Lehigh Valley Hot Careers Guide includes wage ranges, education level requirements, and additional information about each highlighted occupation, all of which is clearly presented in easily readable tables and illustrations.

It also includes demographics about the regional workforce, including population figures, workforce totals, top soft skills, and an employment breakdown by industry.

This revised and updated version is the second edition of the Lehigh Valley Hot Careers Guide released; the first was released in December 2019. The guide was created by Gelinas and LVEDC Talent Supply Manager Frank Alvarado, based upon a design template by Michelle Chrin.

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