LVEDC Issues RFP for Environmental Site Manager

By Colin McEvoy on December 5, 2016

The Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) has issued a formal request for proposals (RFP) seeking an environmental site manager to monitor cleanup activities at the former JH Beers property in Wind Gap.

The full RFP can be found below. A downloadable DOC version can be found here. Responses and questions may be directed to Andrew Kleiner, LVEDC Director of Redevelopment and External Affairs, at or (610) 266-7619.

The RFP was issued on Dec. 5, and responses are due by close of business on Jan. 6. Questions were due by Dec. 23. (The EPA-approved cleanup plan, which is referred to in the RFP below, can be found here.)


REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: Environmental Site Manager, Green Knights Industrial Park II



The Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) requires the services of an Environmental Site Manager to monitor cleanup activities at the former JH Beers property in Wind Gap PA.  Funds from an EPA Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund (BCRLF) held by Northampton County are being loaned to a borrower to be used for the cleanup of this property.  LVEDC, as part of the terms of the BCRLF needs to hire an Environmental Site Manager who is a qualified environmental professional (QEP) to monitor the cleanup activities to be performed by a contractor hired by the borrower.


The former JH Beers property (the Site) is located on Male Road in Wind Gap, Northampton County PA. The project area is approximately 20 acres and is located in 3 distinct municipalities. The project area is currently vacant and has historically been used for quarry work and tire disposal and storage. LVEDC has been assisting the Green Knights Economic Development Corporation (GKEDC) with assessment and planning activities since 2011.  The work to be monitored and reviewed per the tasks listed below is new, direct, cleanup.


Specific activities shall include:

  • Review the EPA approved Cleanup Plan and Alternative Brownfield Cleanup Analysis.
  • Attend a public meeting and respond to questions and comments about the review of Cleanup Plan and Alternative Analysis.
  • Review remedial design and engineering documents for completeness, technical accuracy and regulatory applicability.
  • Coordinate with the borrower’s contractor to make appropriate revisions to plans, designs and engineering documents, as needed.
  • Conduct periodic site visits during implementation to ensure that the cleanup is in compliance with procedures outlined in the Cleanup Plan.
  • Provide LVEDC with written reports of the results of document review and site plan visits at least once a month.
  • Upon completion of the cleanup activities, review closeout documents against the Cleanup Plan to ensure that objectives have been met.

Staff Responsibilities:

LVEDC and GKEDC will coordinate the public meeting and other efforts related to public outreach and public notice about the cleanup activities.  LVEDC and Northampton County will prepare and submit reports to EPA documenting cleanup activities and accounts of costs and spending.


Funding is being provided by an EPA Brownfield Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund.

Consultant Qualifications and Selection:

The consultant will be selected based on cost competiveness of the proposal and qualifications.  The consultant selected will be a qualified environmental professional with demonstrated experience overseeing EPA assisted cleanup projects.  The proposal will also be judged on the availability of the consultant.  A proposed project schedule should be included in the proposal.

Submission Requirements:

All responses shall include the following:


The proposal will include a summary of the qualifications of the firm and of individuals who will be directly involved in the project. All proposals must be submitted electronically.

Cost proposal and schedule (1 original and 7 copies)

The cost proposal should include at a minimum a line item list of tasks and the budgeted amount for each task showing number of hours, rate per hour, expenses, travel, equipment and other pertinent items. A basic schedule should be included with the proposal including a statement of an approximate date when consultant can begin work.



  1. The RFP indicates that the site is 20 acres in size but the Remedial Investigation Report and Cleanup Plan indicate that the site is 56 acres in size. Can you please confirm the size of the site? The size of the entire tract owned by the Green Knights is about 56 acres, but the area being developed into the industrial park is approximately 20 acres.
  2. In addition to reviewing documents and providing recommendations, will the successful bidder also be required to submit typical EPA documents such as quarterly reports, upload documents to the EPA ACRES reporting system, etc.? No, all reporting will be done by LVEDC.
  3. Will the LVEDC make other relevant documents such as the Quality Assurance Project Plan, typically required for U.S. EPA Brownfield sites, available for review? Any and all documents related to the cleanup work will be available for review for the selected site manager.
  4. Do we upload and send the final proposal to your email address or is there a separate document upload website we need to access to upload the proposal? All you will need to do is send it through email, there is no download site.
  5. Is there a restriction on the number of pages for the proposal? There is no mandatory page limit.
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