LVEDC Highlights Lehigh Valley’s Economic Assets Through New Billboard Campaign

By Colin McEvoy on January 13, 2015

Two examples of LVEDC's new billboards.

Two examples of LVEDC’s new billboards. (Click the image above to enlarge.)

If you’ve driven through Allentown on Route 22 recently, or crossed the Lehigh River via Bethlehem’s Hill to Hill Bridge, then you may have picked up on a few interesting facts about the economic strengths of the Lehigh Valley.

Like, for example, that our gross domestic product is $32 billion, or that 15,000 companies make the region its home. Or the fact that the Lehigh Valley employs 342,000 workers, or that 50,000 college students are receiving their educations here.

These facts and others have been highlighted in a new billboard marketing initiative that has been spearheaded by the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC), which seeks to reinforce the region’s many economic strengths and successes.

“We’re trying to reinforce the Lehigh Valley’s awareness of itself,” said Michael Keller, LVEDC director of marketing. “We want to make sure the people who live here are aware of the size of the local economy and the many economic assets that this region has to offer.”

The new billboards – including four static signs and three digital billboards – made their debut last quarter at such locations as Route 22 East just before of the Interstate 78 split, westbound Route 22 near the Airport Road exit, and other spots in Allentown, Easton, Bethlehem, Nazareth and Emmaus.

One of the signs touts the Lehigh Valley as “First in development projects east of the Mississippi.” That’s based on Site Selection last year recognizing the Lehigh Valley as the second-best performing region for economic development in the United States. It was the Valley’s highest ever ranking in Site Selection, one of the most highly-read national magazines about corporate real estate and economic development.

“The Lehigh Valley is the 68th largest metropolitan region in the country, and we’re competing on a national level,” said Don Cunningham, LVEDC president and CEO. “Part of LVEDC’s mission is to market the Lehigh Valley’s many economic advantages and to tell our story, not just outside the region but within it as well, and this marketing campaign does exactly that.”

The new billboards are similar to LVEDC’s past “WOW! Campaign,” which utilized billboards and print advertisements to highlight interesting or little-known facts about the region. For example, the fact that the Lehigh Valley’s $30 billion economy is larger than 104 nations, or that the region has been awarded more patents than 11 states.

But the billboards aren’t the only way LVEDC is marketing the Lehigh Valley.

The organization recently started running a 30-second commercial on such channels as RCN and Service Electric touting the Lehigh Valley as the fastest growing area in the state, highlighting its ideal location between New York City and Philadelphia, outstanding higher education opportunities, and entertainment and fine dining options. View the 30 second spot below.



The LVEDC has also sponsored a new advertisement at the Lehigh Valley International Airport targeting business travelers. The ad spotlights the economic assets illustrated in the billboard campaign for visitors flying into the Lehigh Valley.

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