Lehigh Valley Voices: Testimonials From Around the Region

By Colin McEvoy on March 19, 2019

When it comes to marketing the economic assets of the Lehigh Valley, sometimes the best place to turn are the voices of the people actually living and working here every day.

The Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) recently unveiled its new “Made Possible in Lehigh Valley” marketing campaign, which will tell the stories of Lehigh Valley companies and people alike, increase outside awareness of our region, and let everyone know the amazing things made possible here.

To that end, we’ve asked various people from across the Lehigh Valley to tell them why they believe this is such a special place. Their responses can be found below, and were also featured in the LVEDC 2018 Annual Report that was recently released.

You can expect to find these testimonials, among others, featured in future “Made Possible in Lehigh Valley” advertisements. Learn more about the campaign here.

Alex Rivera, Agile Project Coordinator, St. Luke’s University Health Network

“The Lehigh Valley offers the ultimate balance. The fact that I can hike some of the most beautiful trials, have a blast at Dorney Park, hit up a concert/comedy show, go to a IronPigs game for some baseball and fireworks, then finally cap the night off with either a jumping hip-hop club or a alternative rock/EDM club all in one day makes me love the place that I grew up.”

Ayesha Herrera,
Human Resources,
OraSure Technologies

“My family and I initially moved to the Lehigh Valley looking for a more balanced work and home life. At the time, we were living in central New Jersey and found that there was no sense of community. At first, we weren’t sure if the Valley was the right place for us, but fourteen years later, we are still here and don’t see ourselves living anywhere else.”

Eric Luftig Vice President Victaulic

“I relocated my family from the Atlanta area to take a job with Victaulic. This was a very challenging decision as we had moved several times and we really thought we had made our final move. But since making that decision, we have never looked back. We have everything we need right here in the Lehigh Valley, as well as proximity to other great Northeast destinations.”

Jusline Sayegh, IT Business System Analyst, Air Products

“The Lehigh Valley was the first place I lived after coming from my home country of Syria. Over the last 11 years, this place has made it possible for me to achieve many of my personal and career goals. I started my educational journey here, bought my second house, joined a nonprofit board, and started a great career at a well-respected company.”

Khine Alkhal, Founder, Khineder Creations

“The Lehigh Valley is very special to me. This is the place where I’ve found a passion that I’m proudly pursuing, and friendships that will last a lifetime. It’s where I want to raise my son and grow old. I love the friendly community, healthy environment, reasonable cost of living, and great neighborhoods here.”

Rachel Smith, Rotational Engineer, Victaulic

“After growing up in the Lehigh Valley, I left for college in Pittsburgh to pursue my engineering undergraduate degree. I decided to return here to start my career because of its proximity to major cities, wealth of job opportunities in my field, and ultimately because I loved growing up here. I can absolutely see myself raising my own family here in the next decade.”

Scott Hanton, General Manager, Intertek Allentown

“My wife and I grew up in Michigan, and we moved to the Lehigh Valley in 1990. We’ve met good friends who made us feel welcome, had interesting work that kept us challenged, and we appreciate the educational opportunities for our son. We can also access the big lights of the big city when we choose, but don’t have to live there.”

Stephanie Yachim, Talent Acquisition Manager, Crayola

“It’s truly the best of all worlds packed into one area. It’s close to major cities, airports, beaches, and mountains. There are 3 distinct downtowns that each have their own ‘flare.’ You can feel that sense of pride in those who live here; that we can set ourselves apart as a region whose culture and community have been engrained and infused deep into our roots.”


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