Lehigh Valley International Airport Presents Master Plan Update to Public

By Colin McEvoy on May 14, 2018

The Lehigh Valley International Airport held a public workshop to present the draft of its master plan update.

The Lehigh Valley International Airport held a public workshop to present the draft of its master plan update.

The Lehigh Valley International Airport (LVIA) offered the public a look at the draft of its master plan update, which the Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority (LNAA) is in the final stages of submitting to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The master plan update outline is 25-year development plan and program that maintains a safe, efficient, financially sound, and sustainable airport facility. LVIA’s master plan was last updated in 2004, and LNAA expects to complete their current update by this year.

As part of the master plan update process, LVIA hosted a final public workshop on May 10, showing maps, information boards, and PowerPoint presentations about the plan in an open house format on the second floor of the airport’s main terminal.

The draft plan divides reconstruction and improvement projects into various phases. Short-term plans fall within the first phase, which are projected to be completed between 2018 and 2023, while long-term goals go as far out to phase four, which runs after 2040.

Among the plans described in the master plan update are renovations and expansions to runways, plans for a third runway north of Race Street, a new cargo facility to accommodate expected growth, a terminal concourse expansion, and the construction of three bulk hangars and four T-Hangar rows.

More information about the LVIA master plan update can be found here.

The FAA recommends updating an airport’s master plan every 5 to 10 years, when significant changes at the airport or within the aviation industry have occurred, significant changes in FAA airport design standards, or as demand warrants.

LNAA officials said the master plan will provide the guidance to satisfy demand in a financially feasible and responsible manner, while at the same time addressing the aviation, environmental, and socioeconomic issues of the community and region as they relate to LVIA.

The forecasted demand of passenger traffic, general aviation, and cargo activity dictates the timing of the proposed development necessary to maintain the required level of service for ABE into the future, according to LNAA spokesman Colin Riccobon.

Some of the renovations or improvements featured in the master plan draft have been in the worlds for a long time, or have appeared on previous sets of proposed plans and have been carried over to the new update.

A breakdown of the four phases of the master plan update can be found below:

Phase One (2018-2023):

  • Runway 6-24 reconstruction and projects
  • Terminal vertical circulation improvements
  • Expand existing cargo area
  • Landslide circulation improvements
  • Land use development (hotel, retail, travel plaza)
  • Taxiway stub projects
  • Hangar 11 (to be constructed in 2018-19)
  • Parking and tollbooth improvements
  • FBO building and improvements
  • Terminal security checkpoint improvements

Phase Two (2024-2028):

  • Terminal IAF facility
  • Northside parallel taxiway for runway 6-24
  • New northside cargo facility
  • Compatible development
  • Runway 13-31 west side parallel taxiway
  • Bulk hangers (2) 200×200 ft

Phase Three (2029-2040):

  • Runway 6-24 extension (2,400 ft)
  • RON
  • Fuel farm expansion
  • Runway 13-31 extension (1,800 ft)
  • Runway 13-31 east side parallel taxiway
  • ARFF buidling expansion
  • De-ice pad, hangars, rental QTA

Phase Four (2040+):

  • Third runway and connecting taxiways
  • Terminal concourse extension
  • Northside cargo extension
  • T-hangar rows (4) 12,500 SF each
  • Bulk hangars (3) 200×200 ft
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