Lehigh University’s Hatchery Program Offers Entrepreneurship Immersion Experience

By Colin McEvoy on April 4, 2018

Students work through a design sprint with the Lehigh University's Baker Institute for Enterpreneurship, Creativity & Innovation.

Students work through a design sprint with the Lehigh University’s Baker Institute for Enterpreneurship, Creativity & Innovation.

Students from all colleges will have the opportunity to spend this summer in Lehigh University’s newest entrepreneurship immersion program known as the Hatchery, a “student idea accelerator.”

The Hatchery is an immersive, full-time learning experience where participants develop entrepreneurial solutions and test potential business ideas, and where students passionate about learning the foundational skills of entrepreneurship work on problems that matter.

“The Hatchery was built upon the five-year success of our LaunchBayC program and will allow for even more students to learn the foundational skills of entrepreneurship, while devoting time and action to their own ideas,” said Lisa Getzler, Executive Director of Lehigh’s Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Innovation.

“We are thrilled to open the Hatchery’s Venture Nest to non-Lehigh students and we welcome applicants from colleges across the Lehigh Valley and beyond,” Getzler said.

Students may apply until April 30 for the full-time immersion program, which has been described by one past participant as “like an internship where I’m developing my idea and my future.” Visit here for more information about the program, as well as the application.

It is a 12-week program starting May 23 and ending August 12, encompassing 40 hours a week, and will be held at Lehigh University’s Asa Packer Campus. Students will develop their own ideas, while constantly collaborating with a community of students, faculty, and staff, as well as participating in community events that will bring the whole group together.

The Hatchery is a practical learning experience where participants are exposed to design thinking and learn startup methods to develop entrepreneurial solutions and test potential business ideas. Made up of topical “Nests,” the Venture Nest: LaunchBayC is a for-credit opportunity available to both Lehigh and non-Lehigh students.

The program builds on the success of LaunchBayC, a full-time summer idea accelerator the Baker Institute has offered to Lehigh University students since 2014 regardless of academic background, where they were fully immersed in a culture of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking and action.

The Hatchery is an expanded opportunity for more students to develop their entrepreneurial skills in focused areas called “Nests”. LaunchBayC will now be offered through the Hatchery as the “Venture Nest,” and is open to Lehigh and non-Lehigh students alike.

Participants in the Venture Nest will earn nine credits in entrepreneurship as well as an overarching community for student engagement in the “creativity to innovation to entrepreneurial action” continuum. Students (individually or in teams) will drive and own their ideas, taking them to market if they so choose.

Teams will form and ideas will be identified to develop world positive entrepreneurial solutions, according to the Baker Institute. Workshops, guest experts, coaches and mentors will support the students’ efforts.

The application process is open to full-time undergraduate and graduate students in good standing at their home institution where the 9 credits will be accepted toward their graduation requirements.

This program is not for individuals currently running new businesses, but instead is a way for students to develop their ideas into entrepreneurial solutions, Getzler said.

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