Human resources and what they mean to you

By LVEDC Staff on April 23, 2013

Many established business are stuck in a rut, using dated or broken hiring and human resources processes like clockwork. What’s ironic is they profess that “people” remain one of their top priorities.

When you’re running without a human resources presence in your company, you’re running on half speed. Here’s what can happen:

  1. Overburdened managers/HR handling too many critical HR tasks
  2. Wasted resources used for constant problem solving, turnover, nonsense
  3. Employee relations left unattended
  4. Communication problems
  5. Lack of proper attention to training needs
  6. Risk by not being up to date on compliance or not recognizing violations as they occur
  7. A broken or non-existent hiring process
  8. Employee morale/engagement issues
  9. Benefits and payroll issues on the employee or employer end
  10. Unnecessary employee turnover – or a need for employee turnover
  11. Performance not being managed properly
  12. All of these things affect your top and bottom line!

Outsourcing allows organizations of any size to gain vast resources for a relatively small investment. By outsourcing, they not only are getting expertise, but they also have a partner that doesn’t need managing.

And, speaking of the right partner…

Some organizations disguise themselves as “HR” companies as a means to promote their services. These companies are often not actual human resources providers. Here are a few things you should look for in an HR provider:

– Their main focus should be to provide hands-on human resources services

– They should be clear on what HR is – supporting the mission, vision and management needs of a company. This includes:

  1. Employee relations and employee support
  2. Management support (A good HR person may even be willing to be a part of your management team.)
  3. Administrative services such as working with your payroll or benefits provider versus BEING your payroll or benefits provider. These are two different things.
  4. Keeping your policies and processes compliant versus telling you what the laws are and leaving it to you to decipher and implement.
  5. They’re not your therapist, but they should help keep you sane through managing your employees’ needs properly.
  • They should work within your defined culture versus forcing on you their idea of what your company should be.
  • They should be a true part of your overall strategic objective and share the same goals as you.
  • Experience working with an organization the size of yours.
  • Employ educated HR professionals. The HR laws are constantly changing. Without degreed and certified HR professionals on your team, you could be bringing on additional risk to your organization.

Tina Hamilton is president and CEO of hireVision, an Allentown-based LVEDC investor. She can be reached at or (610) 443-0119.

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