City of Allentown Unveils New ‘All Inspiring’ Branding

By Colin McEvoy on July 29, 2021

Allentown Mayor Ray O’Connell and other city officials unveiling the new branding at Cedar Creek Parkway.

The city of Allentown unveiled its new branding this week, including new logos and the slogan “All Inspiring,” which speaks of the city’s commitment to come together to create a place of big ideas, varied influences, and greater opportunities.

The new logo mirrors the city’s waterways, personal approach, and welcoming nature. The bright, appealing color palette, graphic illustrations, and iconography further define key strengths and attributes.

Images from the Allentown “All Inspiring” branding. (image courtesy city of Allentown)

“Our new brand showcases who we are today; a diverse and unified community, thriving entrepreneurs and artists, and residents and businesses committed to creating a better way of life,” Allentown Mayor Ray O’Connell said at the unveiling ceremony on July 27. “When you think about all we offer, Allentown truly is All Inspiring.”

Learn more about the branding at the Allentown: All Inspiring website, which also includes information about how you can download the logo and brand materials, and incorporate the branding into your own materials.

The new logo features bright colors that derive from the color of the city’s seal. The use of the word “All” reflects not only the first three letters of the city’s name, but also Allentown’s inclusive and unifying essence.

“‘All’ speaks to our community working together for a promising future,” O’Connell said. “Each person who looks at the graphic illustrations on our banners may have different interpretations about what it means to them. Some can see Allentown’s parks, arts and culture, assets, city life and more.”

The new brand, which can already be found in banners at all the major gateways to the city, provides a visual and verbal springboard for future communications and marketing efforts. The branding effort stemmed from Vision 2030, Allentown’s 10-year comprehensive and economic development plan.

“Over the past decade, Allentown has accomplished one of the most dramatic turnarounds in the United States,” O’Connell said.

Using the cursive Ls from the “All” portion of the slogan, the branding creates clever, whimsical icons that connect the city’s brand with its key attributes of community, culture, cuisines, nature, and businesses.

Additionally, the iconography of the branding utilizes multi-colored, patterned illustrations that enrich Allentown’s story by visually weaving its people, history and resources together.

Red House Communications, an integrated marketing communications agency with deep experience in consumer marketing, developed the new brand and brand positioning after conducting consumer and market research and gathering input from stakeholders.

The new branding was unveiled at four simultaneous events in various parts of the city on July 27, including Cedar Creek Parkway, downtown at 523 N. Seventh Street, near the south side at Fountain Park along Martin Luther King Jr., Drive and at Coca-Cola Park.

“This new brand is vibrant and bold,” O’Connell said. “It will help redefine the City of Allentown—who we are, what we stand for, and all we offer.”

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