Strategic Economic Development

LVEDC oversees a number of councils designed to increase participation and attract expertise in specific areas to advance economic development throughout the region. The intent of our councils/committee structure is to engage as many stakeholders as possible. Councils meet as needed, but at least on a quarterly basis, and host informative events and discussions on topics of strategic economic development priority for LVEDC and the region.

More than two dozen people attended the inaugural LVEDC Education and Talent Supply Council m meeting at the Pennsylvania CareerLink Lehigh Valley.

The councils and committees are as follows:

Education and Talent Supply Council

This council aims to increase the workforce and economic development linkages with education and business. Having formed as a result of a comprehensive workforce analysis study performed by Oxford Economics, this council links local educational institutions and economic development agencies so they can share information to better link supply and demand in the Lehigh Valley workforce. This results in a process that ensures the pipeline of skilled workers in the Lehigh Valley is strong and that bridging the workforce gap is a continual and ongoing process. Read more about Lehigh Valley’s Education and Talent Supply initiative here.

Brokers and Developers Council

This council is comprised primarily of representatives of the following professions: commercial and industrial real estate brokers, site selectors, developers, bankers, corporate real estate directors, engineers, architects, construction professionals and those involved in the development and expansion of commercial and industrial business. The focus of the group will be on discussing market trends, identifying development needs and opportunities, and enhancing the strategic focus of LVEDC and the region to support growth and development.

Economic Policy Council

The Council was developed to focus LVEDC’s legislative issues on advancing sound economic development policy to meet the challenges of the competitive landscape, to speak with one voice for regional economic development projects and to advocate for changes, improvements and funding of state economic development and finance programs. The Council seeks partnerships and coalitions to advance the region’s economic agenda in the state. As a 501C3, LVEDC is legally limited to 10 percent of its activity for lobbying and legislative affair, so the Council aims to ensure the best use of time and resources to advocate for the most-meaningful change and/or support of strategic economic development priorities. The Council operates under the Board’s policy of not engaging in general business issues, such as taxes, regulations, health care, etc. but only economic development policy. It continues the partnership and cooperation with the Greater LV Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Policy Committee on broader, general business issues.

Local Government Council

(local/county officials only)

This council features elected and appointed representatives of the 62 local governments and two county governments in the Lehigh Valley. The intent is to engage the voices and perspectives of municipal and county government officials in a discussion of development issues such as planning, zoning, infrastructure, regulation and any issue that can aid in coordination and understanding of development in the Lehigh Valley.

Entrepreneurial Council of the Lehigh Valley

This council is dedicated to listening to the region’s entrepreneurial community and identifying its unmet needs. Its mission is to improve the entrepreneurial environment of the Lehigh Valley by listening to the region’s entrepreneurs, identifying their unmet needs, communicating regional entrepreneurship initiatives between council members, and connecting local resources to continue the development of new entrepreneurial support initiatives.


Local Sourcing & Business Diversity Council

This council is comprised of individuals whose occupations or interests are focused on advancing and helping to create women-owned and minority-owned businesses in the Lehigh Valley. Previously a standing committee of LVEDC, the council will work on the development of strategic initiatives to assist in business growth and development, education and training, and driving awareness about existing businesses and support services available to grow and sustain businesses in this underserved sector.

Regional Partners Council – Business Outreach Program

This is the only council with a membership selected purely by invitation only. The intent is to create a regular forum where the leaders of regional organizations, institutions, governments and private businesses can meet on a regular basis to advance coordination, eliminate duplication, and develop coordinated regional plans to best use the resources of the region to advance job creation and economic development.

Lehigh Valley Land Recycling Initiative

This council has operated as LVEDC’s redevelopment committee since 1998. LVLRI manages funds accessed through successful grant applications with our regulatory partners DEP and EPA. Since 2013, LVLRI has successfully received $1.3 million dollars for regional redevelopment. LVLRI offers funding assistance for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, and Site Cleanup/Redevelopment Planning. See more about LVLRI here.

To express an interest to serve on an LVEDC council, please contact us at (610) 266-6775.

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