In-Demand Careers in Lehigh Valley

In today’s historically tight labor market, Lehigh Valley commands two distinct advantages. The first is demographic: a growing population, particularly among young adults. The second is collaboration: a coalition of major employers, community leaders, 11 colleges and universities, school districts and three technical schools aligning curriculum to local employers’ needs.

LVEDC, in collaboration with education and business partners, developed the Hot Careers Guide covering major job sectors in the Lehigh Valley economy. This guide provides a clear visual representation of career opportunities and provides a basis for meaningful career exploration based on individual interests.

The occupations listed are among the most commonly sought by Lehigh Valley employers. This list was based on LVEDC research of job postings for the 12-month period ending in June 2022.

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing is important to Lehigh Valley’s economy and job market. We’ve seen continued overall growth, especially among companies that make food and beverages, medical devices, electrical equipment, and pharmaceuticals. Lehigh Valley has 34,000 Manufacturing jobs, including 18,000 in businesses defined as Advanced Manufacturing.

Architecture & Construction

Jobs in this sector are essential to the continued growth and expansion of Lehigh Valley’s economy. The 17,000 people in Lehigh Valley who work in these jobs design and build homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and factories where we live, learn, and work.

Business Services

Jobs represent a cross-section of professional services in Lehigh Valley, from engineering to the arts, and from finance to customer service. Professional and business services employ more than 27,000 people in the region.

Education & Training

The education sector not only prepares people for future careers, it also is a significant source of jobs. Teachers, school administrators, college professors, and technical instructors are among Lehigh Valley’s 28,000 education jobs.


Government, Law, Public Safety

Government, law, and public safety offer a wide range of career options for people interested in public service. Among the 11,000 people employed in this sector are lawyers, police officers, firefighters, public health workers, and program administrators.

Health Care

Health Care is Lehigh Valley’s largest employment sector, with more than 58,000 jobs. The Health Care sector covers a broad range of occupations including finance and administration, and human services, as well as nurses, doctors, and other professionals who care for patients.

Hospitality & Tourism

More than 25,000 jobs in Lehigh Valley support entertainment, food services, the arts, and tourism. Hospitality and tourism are responsible for $1.7 billion in economic output in the region.

Life Sciences

The Lehigh Valley has 174 life science company offices, labs, research centers, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers in the Lehigh Valley as of Q4 2020. In the last two years, Lehigh Valley companies have added 1.3 million square feet of space related to the life sciences industry.

Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

The sector has added more than 10,000 Lehigh Valley jobs in the last 10 years to support rapid growth in online retail, given our strategic location within 500 miles of one-third of the U.S. population. More than 30,000 people work in the region’s distribution, fulfillment, and logistics facilities.

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